Got An Advertising Hook?

Just like in fishing, your prospect must be hooked before you can get them to voluntarily reel in - that is, to look at your advertisement.This hook gets your prospect interested enough to read your  advertising . No matter how well written your  advertising  is, it will do no good if no one reads it. So you need a way to make [...]

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Business Advertising

Advertising is an investment in your business and is similar to other investments that are designed to improve and expand your business. The return you receive [...]

iPhone Advertising

Businesses that adapt to the newest marketing and  advertising  strategies are definitely going to have an edge on their competition. Technology changes the [...]

How Do They Measure Advertising?

The purpose of  advertising  may differ from media to media, application to application, business to business. But no matter how it is used, there is only one [...]

Types of Advertising

The field of  advertising  management is made up of a system of interacting organizations and institutions, all of which play a role in the [...]

Affiliate Businesses – Four Tips For Building Websites Around Affiliate Programs

An  affiliate  business  program  is simply a program in which you earn commissions by selling someone else's product or service. Alternatively, you [...]

Affiliate Program Pitfalls Part 2

In my last article, I started to discuss some the things to watch out for when you are looking for a good  affiliate   program . The Internet is a [...]

Affiliate Programs – The Advantages of Being an Affiliate

I am a strong believer in the value of  affiliate   programs  and believe that the best way to start an internet business is to become an [...]

What Are Affiliate Programs?

 Affiliate   programs , also sometimes referred to as associate programs, are partnerships between your website and an online merchant website. The [...]

Making Money From Affiliate Programs

Making money from  affiliate   programs  is one of the fast evolving ways to make money online. This source of income only needs a website on [...]

The Best Way to Sell Affiliate Programs

Selling  affiliate   programs  online is not that hard once you know how to do it. Although it may be simple, a lot of  affiliates  make [...]